ABC Street Atlas of London 1933

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 17 Oct 2009 (08:08 BST)

ABC Street Atlas of London 1933/4

Thanks to Richard Fairhurst for scanning the source information. This map is a collection of tiles sampled from the raw scan and rotated and scaled to provide 1/2 mile squares each with a resolutiion of 400 pixels square. At this stage, the acuracy of the original scale is taken from the squares inscribed on the original. This is still a small amount of 'racking' or 'trapizoid' distortion, which means that the edges of the squares do not lign up exactly, but this is intended to be used as part of a historical map moving from the earliest maps available to the present day ( or as recent as we can use becauae of copyright ). Currently completed transcription covers an area I am interested in around Cadogan Gardens, and I have a number of earlier maps which I am working to scale to the same grid.

I use PSP7 for the bulk of this sort of work, and am then overlaying the maps in GPS TrackMaker to associate them with actual projections. The scaled block currently sampled is not looking too far off GPS fixes of known locations, and so can probably be used for adding more detailed tracks.

If you want to help by transcribing squares, please ensure that each tile has been correctly rotated so that the top and bottom edges are square. Sample a clean square as tight to the grid lines as possible, and then re-size the square to 400x400, and save as an image with the file name of <letter><number> of the square covered. Send them to me, and I will include them in this copy of the map. It will be noted that the squares on the maps are currently not actually square, and so the resize should not be carrier out with locked aspect ratio.

A zip of the available tiles is stored as - London1933Tiles and these are also provides as a gallery - Tiles

The raw files are available in the gallery - Source Files


Higher resolution copy of the index - index

Overlayed index - indexOL