Android Manifest

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 24 Jun 2013 (21:10 BST)

Software suite used on my Android devices.

Hacker's Keyboard - One of the nice thing about the N900 is the real keyboard with navigation buttons. The different styles of keyboard between touch screen devices was the first iritation, but the Hacker's Keyboard is now installed on all of them and provides all of the facilities I need in the same places. The other important key is 'tab' which is needed while accessing the servers over ssh and something that other keyboards do not provide.

Mail Droid - email was a problem area intially on the N900. Having got some 15Gb of email history on the local servers, access via web based systems cause something of a problem. I do need to improve this area, and I am developing bitweaver to handle much of the history but for now Mail Droid allows me to deal with emails on the move, while still backing up locally.

Dolphin - Browser is best match across the OS's but it gets very anoying the way every browser keeps change the basic functions from version to version. A simple consistent option would be more than welcome.

CalDAV & CardDAV - links between the linux owncloud server and android devices. An area that is work in progress, but this provides a current working link between everything.

Other packages are still being finalised ...