Base Development Platform

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 15 Jan 2016 (21:50 GMT)

Having been using Eclipse for a number of years now, along with the html/css tools and PHPEclipse, it has been becoming more and more clogged up and buggy so the decision was made over christmas to back up every project on the current Eclipse workspaces and start the development platform again starting with a clean install of one of the Eclipse framework packages. While I would prefer to avoid using the more commercial PDT extension for PHP development, phpEclipse is not longer being developed, and lack of time prevents having a go myself at updating that package to PHP7 on-line verification. The ready assembled PDt install kit has most of the usefull PHP and HTML5 validation covered along with css and javascript editors. While not released yet, the Neon Milestone of the Eclipse for PHP developers seems a sensible concideration if only to try and get ahead of the game for a change. In addition, LibreOffice has long since replaced OpenOffice for the office documents suite.

The packages supplied via the SUSE package manager are not in sync with the latest Mercurial and Eclipse packages, so some need to be pulling from their respective projects.

Package Version   Source
Java 1.8.0 On the windows 64 bit machines make sure 64 bit java is running  
Eclipse 4.6.0M4 Eclipse notes page  
phpEclipse ---- Dropped due to falling behind current PHP validation Replaced with PDT extension to Eclipse
Python 2.7.8 Only needed to run Mercurial ...  
Mercurial 3.6.2    
hg-git 0.8.3
hgsubversion 1.8.4
MercurialEclipse 1.8.1    
TortoiseHg 3.6.1    
tortoisehg-nautilus 3.6.1    
BeyondCompare 4.1.3 One of those must have packages
Predates Eclipse and provides 2 and now 3 way file and directory compare in Windows and Linux
BeyondCompare Notes page