Compile PHP7 Build on Windows 10

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 10 Sep 2016 (22:43 BST)

Having been living with Windows10 for the best part of a year it still presents as something of a bodge. The tablet style pages from Windows 8 appear quite regularly even have loaded 'Classic Shell' to help restore a level of working which follows the legacy crib sheets. Compiling code for anything goes back to Visual Studio 2008 days as Compiling PHP on Windows testifies. So the current exercise is to see just where we get following the new links on Build your own PHP on Windows tailored for our Eclipse setup on Windows 10.

Starting point for the original page was Microsoft Express Download and that now forwards to a version of the Community Edition which replaces the old Express versions. Not being sure just what would be returned, using the PHP supplied link for Visual Studio 2015 Download is the route I took. It is on the supported versions page of the PHP site. Following that link to the Visual Studio Community download and we are ready to run the installer. ( On checking back this was the same package that the Express link supplied ).

Rather than just going for a 'default' install, I opted to only load the C++ and Web extensions since we do not have any of the other tools loaded. With the slow download speeds here it does also help to save some time loading, but still took around an hour and a half to complete the download and install.

Having already got a clone of the git php-src repository it is easy to simply dump a copy of a version over to the windows machine which is what I did initially. PHP-7.0.8 at this point, but also on the TODO list is a copy of THG on the windows machine which can pick up the repository direct. Of cause getting the disk on the W10 machine visible on the network had been a bit of fun, but only followed the same pattern of getting past the security. Of more of a problem is the fact a clean install of W10 will not unzip the .7z files, but since Linux does not have that problem I did a second dump of the files already uncompressed.

The command line build environment on windows is achieved by modifying the settings on the command line prompt, so Microsoft provide a specific link to the correct environment. Providing separate links for an x86 build over the x64 build. These are found in the start menu under the Video Studio 2015 folder -> Video Studio Tools -> Windows Desktop Command Prompts. ( I've links for Native Tools Command Prompts as well as ARM Cross Tool Command Prompts, but I'm not sure if they are there as default. The W10 machine had an ARM code stack installed using other compilers which caused the next problem. )

Since I'm not planning to drop back to PHP5 builds then I only need the C:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc14 build directory so it may be appropriate to update the phpsdk_buildtree.bat file with a more modern one.

The first run through to try and compile failed because it found the ARM copy of bison, but I'm not sure why that should not have simply worked. I've currently switched the ARM environment off and running a clean cycle of the compile crib list I've actually got a cli build.

Next step is try to convert the current linux configure settings to work in windows ... now where does fpm fit into a windows setup ...