DVCS adoption notes

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 11 Oct 2010 (10:32 BST)

The basic problem I am having with a switch of the bitweaver code base from CVS on sourceforge to git on github is that git is essentially a comand line managed service, while I have never used CVS from the comand line, relying instead on the CVS team support in Eclipse. Trying to manage multiple modules from the CVS source in git is another piece of the jigsaw that is also not fully supported in most of the additional components that link to git. The final problem is the lack of  good support for git in windows.

While there are other DVCS options Git and Mercurial are the current front runners for my own use. On a simple comparison, Mercurial has much more transaparent windows support, and cross OS graphical tools both eclipse based, and stand alone, while git has some major holes in this support and many bug fixes simply say "use command line tools!".

General comparison articles

importantshock comparison of git and hg - Both have plus and minuses, neither are really best as it depends on your prefered workflow
What is a good VCS today -
Distributed Version Control Systems: A Not-So-Quick Guide Through - looking a little dated, many things have changed/improved over last two years.
GNOME comparision for replacement DVCS system

Useful reference material for DVCS on eclipse

ekkescorner blog series on DVCS and eclipse - Still needs to be completed, ekke is still deciding on what he prefers ...
Git for Eclipse users - Useful git tutorial for general use as well
Git with Eclipse (EGit) - Tutorial on using egit plugin for Eclipse
Mercurial - Tutorial from lars in same format as the above egit tutorial

Current comparisions
Comparison git mercurial (hg) SVN
Base modular functions Single core application  Central server
Eclipse Plugin egit (jgit java based) MercurialEclipse Subversive SVN
Tortoise graphic interface Tortoisegit ( Windows ONLY ) Tortoisehg Tortoisesvn ( Windows ONLY )
( RabbitVCS available for Linux )
Home repository github.com bitbucket.org Various
sourceforge SVN
Documentation progit hgbook  
Further Pages   Mercurial