Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 19 Jul 2011 (21:43 BST)

Embarcadero RAD XE is the current replacement for Borland Builder 6. I combines the Builder and Delphi into the one IDE, but neither can actually co-exist at the same time as packages for one will not work with with the other identity.

The IDE framework has a number of packages which are downloaded on-line, but it did not install cleanly, leaving a few problems that needed clearing up. The 'UpdateCheck' carried out when starting up was looking for the wrong file, and this needed to be corrected.
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A number of the defaults set up initially are somewhat out of date even before we start. Since my own code management is via Mercurial, the SVN integration is something of a distraction, and that package has been removed. Also the 'history' function creates files which hamper the operation of the hg version tracking and have been disabled as well. It would be nice to integrate Hg as an alternative to these functions.

Since BeyondCompare has been the base for file comparison and merging since the days of Builder6, and is already integrated into Eclipse, so the full version replaces the demo one provided with the initial installation.

Moving to development libraries, the JCL/JVCL suit has been the base for Builder6 development for many years, and so boost has been stripped to allow a more familiar tool pallet to be loaded. Next step is to replace a number of other legacy libraries with more modern versions, and the main one is IBObjects to provide the interface into Firebird.

List of packages to install:
CommX - COM port interface - original ActiveX component may work in W7
FastReport - 2.4 version as I don't want to rewrite all the reports
ICS - may be a problem as this was modified to allow multicast messaging
kbmMem - in memory cache database
MP3Remote - interface to Winamp to control announcements - sound is one of problem areas with Windows
LMD Tools - not sure if these have actually been replaced by JVCL elements
TMS TDBPlanner - used for room booking diary only - may simply leave on Builder6