Firebird Data Archive

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 25 May 2020 (21:10 BST)

Firebird Data Archive

In order to access the archive database, change the selected database to the ARCHIVE entry in the drop down list of available databases, and use the User Name 'DEMO' and the password 'demo'. Select language NONE as some data sets have non-standard character sets.
( Some areas of the archive will fail as the DEMO user does not have permission to carry out those actions. )
In order to view the contents of one of the tables, select the Data tab, Open Watch Table, and select the table of interest from the list.
On the same page you will find the CSV Import/Export facility, via which copies of the data can be exported to be used locally. Again select the table to export, a file name to call it at your end ( this can be left as default and changed in your download windows if your browser is set to allow it )

Start fbWebAdmin

Contents of the Data Archive

A list of the available tables is maintained in the table DATA_INDEX, This has the current version details, and notes for each set of data.

COUNTRY - The internation country codes table

AU_POSTCODE - Australian Post Codes
AZ_POSTCODE - Azerbaijan Postcodes

BE_COMMUNE - Belgium Community Codes
BE_POSTCODE - Belgium Postcodes

CA_PROVINCE - Canadian Provinces and Terretories

DE_STATE - German states
DK_POSTCODE - Danish Postcodes

GB_TOWN - List of United Kingdom towns
GB_COUNTY - List of United Kingdom counties
GB_POSTAREA - List of United Kingdom postal areas with grid references

IS_POSTCODE - Icelantic Postcodes

NO_COUNTY - Norwegian Counties
NO_MUNICIPALITY - Norwegian Municipalitie
NO_POSTCODE - Norwegian Postcodes

NZ_DISTRICT - New Zeland District
NZ_LOCATION - New Zeland  Locations
NZ_POSTCODE - New Zeland Postcodes

SK_POSTCODE - Slovakia codes ( help with what each column is actually called would be appreciated )
SK_POSTCODE2 – As Above – Have details, but not sure what are town or region names.

US_COUNTY - American Counties
US_STATE - American States
US_ZIPCODE - American zip codes if location data ( 1990 census so rather old )

VN_POST_PHONE – Viet Nam Post and Telephone Area codes

If you have any appropriate open source data please forward it either as a CSV or a Firebird Backup and we will incorporate it into the database.

The original ibWebAdmin site is no longer active and sourceforge code was last updated in 2006. The current codebase is at github having been renamed firebirdWebAdmin.