LCD Display Development Options

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 06 May 2012 (15:36 BST)

Crib sheet of options for development boards with LCD displays

Kit Description Dimensions Base Price Manufacturer Notes/Sources
AVR-MT 20pin AVR processor, so limited I/O 120 x 36 mm 29.95Euro Olimex Farnell £47!
AVR-MT-128 As above with ATMega128 processor 120 x 36 mm 33.95Eure Olimex  
LPC-MT-2138 As above with LPC2138 ARM processor 120 x 36 mm 65.59Euro Olimex  
MPS430-169LCD MSP430F169, NOKIA 3310 matrix LCD, joystick, SD/MMC card 67 x 66 mm 33Euro Olimex Not found a UK supplier
MSP430-449STK2 MSP430F449 and Olimex's custom LCD 76.2 x 64 mm 27Euro Olimex Farnell £65.12!
AVR-TLCD-128CAN LCD Display with Touchscreen AND ATMEGA128 102 x 85 mm ---- Olimex Pity but it's no longer available
EM-32G880F128-STK ARM-M3, LCD Custom Display, RS232 Connector and Driver 77 x 64 mm 27Euro Olimex Farnell £33
MSP430-4619LCD MPS430FG4619 Colour Graphics LCD,Accelerometer, SD/MMC, Joystick 81 x 62 mm 55.95Euro Olimex Farnell £94.77!
STM32-LCD STM32F103ZE with LCD 3.2" AND Touchscreen 79.2 x 57.6 mm 83.95Euro Olimex Farnell £71.36
PIC-LCD3310 PIC18F67J50, Nokia3310 LCD with bezel, 3-axis Accelerometer, SD-MMC 65 x 65 mm 39.95Euro Olimex  
AVR Butterfly 6 digit seven seg display, 3V battery powered, lots of I/O options 67 x 45 mm 20USD Atmel £20 in UK
C8051F411EK C8051F411EK, LCD (? format), USB cable ? 29USD Silicon Labs Farnell £31
eZ430-Chronos CC430F6137 with 16bit ADC, wrist watch display and wireless link! Wrist Watch! 49USD TI Mouser £36.12
DM183034 PIC18 with 8 digit LCD ?100 x 100 mm 100USD Quik and Low Open source bolierplate
GPIODM-KPLCD 16x2 LCD and keypad Large 55USD Microchip Interface only
F1 Evaluation Kit PIC16LF1937 with multimeter type LCD display 55 x 90 mm 69.99USD Microchip Farnell £48.42