OSM Mapping

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 17 Oct 2009 (06:22 BST)

OpenStreetMap is a project aimed squarely at creating and providing free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. The project was started because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive or unexpected ways. Browse some of the existing maps in the featured images section, or using the city browser. Rather than using the GPS to drive to customer locations, we record all the tracks and contribute them to the project. The area around Broadway is starting to get complete coverage - LSCES Home Mapped Since all of the mapping data is open source, and all of the tools freely available to use, smaller organizations can benefit from the sort of mapping tools normally requiring large setup costs and annual license fees. The low cost of GPS tracking systems means that users can maintain and expand their own database in any way they like. Watch this space as the facilities are developed and expanded. It is our intention to add an OSM package to the bitweaver framework in the same way as the mapper package provides access to mapserver content. These will compliment one another since mapserver handles scanned documents while OSM works with XML mapping data. An example of the sort of maps that can be generated covering the Gloucester area. Image