OSM tool set on SUSE13.1

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 09 Dec 2013 (22:00 GMT)

In addition to the core SUSE13.1 installation, a number of additional packages are required to handle local OSM data mirrors and private on-line viewers.

Postgres is only required for OSM data, everything else SQL wise is processed via Firebird, and it is planned to dump data into a Firebird mirror at some point.


osm2pgsql handles processing in and out of the database

osmosis handles batch processing of the pbf file - SUSE packages version 0.41 which is a little old.

gcc and zlib-devel needed to install osmconvert which is used to handle the pbf planet files
The additional osm tools are loaded into an install/osm directory for convenience, and copied to the /usr/local/bin for easy access

cd /home/admin/install/osm
zypper install gcc zlib-devel
wget -O - http://m.m.i24.cc/osmconvert.c | cc -x c - -lz -O3 -o osmconvert
wget -O - http://m.m.i24.cc/osmupdate.c | cc -x c - -o osmupdate

This then allow us to convert and update the downloaded planet file

cd /srv/maps/world
bzcat planet-latest.osm.bz2 | osmconvert - -o=planet.osm.pbf

Will monitor how long the conversion takes. Downloading the full file took 30 hours in total.

Project-OSRM package notes on their own page ...

Notes to be improved!