OSRM Install on SUSE12.3

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 08 Dec 2013 (14:47 GMT)

Had to run around in circles to get Open Source Routing Machine working since Building OSRM would seem to be based on 32bit builds and my SUSE systems have been 64bit for many years.

In order to get things working I've ended up with the developement builds of some of the elements, which is using cmake rather than scons to build the OSRM. And the current development site is at a temporary location. I'm setting this machine up to move over to our hosting site on a fast link once it's working properly.

I'm still working out what I DID add to the machine to get things working, but the starting point was to find a current version of the boost library. I did try building from source initially, but ended up with a 64 bit build from a secondary repository which has all of the 1.53 versions of the boost library. The boost-jam package included in the normal distribution still seems to work with the later library.

The next version problem is with lua which is shipped as 5.2.1 in SUSE12.3 and this version is required by much of the rest of the distribution. The OSRM is hard coded for the 5.1 build, so I've rolled back to that just to get things working. I suspect that if I simply switch the hard coded bits to 5.2 then it will still work?

Next problem is the stxxl library. Using the stock download did not work, but a switch to stxxl-trunk resulted in a useable package.

Next package needed is the luabind library.  This now compiles using the boost-jam package and gives a working package.

This left protobuf library for the google data exchange ( I'd like to kill any reliance on Google! It's a 'risk' I'd rather remove ) SUSE has this as a 64bit package, which can then be used with OSM-binary to build the PBF Format library. I ended up hard coding the location of the two files, but I just need to work out where they should have been located?

I think at this point I was ready to compile the OSRM code, but having had problems wtill with the scons package, I found the cmake changes added to the head version. I download a quick zip of the development branch from github.  Add a directory 'build' and navigate to it so as to run cmake to build the make file ( I've actually been here many time clearing the above problems :) ) and once the cmake runs to completion, then a 'make' follows which gives a few errors relating to a 'long long' error in the stxxl library (stxxl/bits/common/types.h) and the osmpbf library (osmpbf/osmformat.pb.h) ... but I need to go back and check I've not cleaned up any other errors in the files.

Deploying this currently on the rdm2 server with a UK only routing database which is now updated hourly.

Alternate sources

lua scripting - Yet another language to learn!
luabind - cmake variation
boost from the SVN repo
stxxl library SVN repo ... Now on sourceforge
protobuf SVN repo on GoogleCode
OSM-Binary - cmake variation