Port of phpgedview back to ADOdb

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 05 May 2015 (10:41 BST)

The original page was lost due to a mixup with the backups between servers, and the more comprehensive notes have been lost. This page will be padded out when time permits. I have this functional on a local server and my own tree can be seen on it at phpgedview

For PGV4.2.2

This set of files reworks the PDO update applied to the 4.2.2 version of phpgedview and rolls it back to use ADOdb instead. The database connection is just a global object which should be managed better at some point, but the package is now functional with Firebird and should work with any other ADOdb supported database, while PDO still has some major problems with many database engines. Unfortunatly the installer built into PGV does not work with this port as the 'datadict' defnitions ned creating manually. A blank database was created using the bitweaver installer, but this area can be tidied up if someone is interested. A blank Firebird database is available PGVblank but has not been fully tested. I suspect that an admin user may be rquired in the database.

Has the updated patch for PGV4.2.3 - this has not yet been fully tested, but will be transfered to the 'Caine' site shortly.

The bitweaver CVS includes a futher development of this port with the removal of user management from PGV and replacing it with the BW core framework. See the BW PhpgedviewPackage documentation for more details of this developement work. A lot of the original port has had to be scrapped, so further work is needed simply to get back to where the package was some time ago. All of the embeded html is slowly being stripped and replaced with smarty templates instead.