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SS Potosi

POTOSI (1) was built in 1873 by John Elder & Co. at Glasgow with a tonnage of 4218grt, a length of 421ft 7in, a beam of 43ft 9in and a service speed of 13 knots. During construction she had 25ft added to length at a cost of £10,000. She was launched for the Birkenhead - Valparaiso service on 14th May 1873 and remained on that run until 1880 when she was transferred to Orient Line management commencing her first voyage to Australia on 7th July of that year. On 26th May 1887 she commenced her final voyage to Australia before reverting to the Valparaiso service and was broken up at Genoa in 1897.

4,218 gross tons, length 422ft x beam 43.9ft, clipper bows, two funnels, three masts, single screw, speed 13 knots, accommodation for 80-1st, 110-2nd and 350-3rd class passengers. Launched 14th May 1873 by John Elder & Co, Glasgow for Pacific Steam Navigation Co's Birkenhead - Valparaiso service via Cape Horn. 1880 transferred to Orient Line management and started her first UK - Australia voyage on 7th July 1880. Her last Australia voyage started 26th May 1887 and she then reverted to the Valparaiso service. 1897 scrapped at Genoa.


Stevens Passage

Sailed from London 26th May 1887
Plymouth 28th May 1887 ( 303 pasengers on board )
Naples 4th June
Port Said 8th June
Suez 9th June
Diego Garcia 21st June
Adalade - 6th July 5.45AM
Melbourne - 8th July left 9th 5:30PM
Sidney - 11th July ( 36 Second, 137 Third )

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Newspaper Search

Northern Teritories Times- 9th July 1887
Mr. Minchin, the Director of the Zoological Gardens, arrived here from London in the S.S. " Potosi " yesterday, with three African lions and seven other purchases for the Gardens.

The Argus - 9th July 1887
The R.M.S.S. Potosi, of the Orient line, arrived yesterday morning from London, with mail, passengers, and cargo. The mails for Victoria, New South Wales, mid Queensland has been brought to Melbourne overland, and only the New Zealand and New Caledonian portions came on in the steamer, the Potosi has made a quick passage Captain A. J. Cooper is again in command.

Mr. J. S. Dodds, the Tasmanian delegate to the Imperial Conference on the ship