Web Development Environment Target

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 11 Jun 2011 (13:51 BST)

A little out of date - needs revising to current setup, but Server Software has the current target server setup.

The web based development system targets a fairly flexible range of framework options, but testing is restricted to a well defined base.

Package Version    
Apache HTTP 2.2.19 In theory any version of Apache or IIS can be used Local Copy
PHP 5.3.6 While PHP4 may work, the Firebird extension is not so complete Local Copy
Firebird As for legacy application Local Copy
ADOdb Custom Enhanced Firebird facilities not yet submitted to project See PHP Link
Smarty 2.6.7 Templeting framework| See PHP Link

ADOdb allows that the database engine could be easily switched if required. While that is not planned since the legacy applications could not support it, the ability to connect to other databases allows the easy import from other systems on a customer site. The current framework for the CMS9 products is based on Nola, but it does not provide many of the core facilities that are required to progress and expand the product, so the framework that is being used for new developments, and provides the basis for the management system that you are currently using is bitweaver. This is another ADOdb based PHP web framework, and uses the Smarty templating engine to allow separate control of the look and feel of the final output without having change any of the business level functionality. This allows a customers preferred theme to be supported more easily, while the nola framework only allow matching of come of the basic colours of the display. Link to theme manager