Zend Framework Firebird Driver

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 08 Feb 2012 (13:46 GMT)

The development copy of the Zend Framework Firebird Driver is located in the ZendX tree on Zend, and covers most of the functions needed to get The generic php_interbase driver work with Zend Framework Db section. I needed this for the piwik analytics framework which I'm currently converting to use Firebird.

has some extensions to cater for the inherent problem of php development preferring lower case field names to the default upper case ones of the SQL standard. The fetch process takes a little longer as it switches array indexes to lower case by default, these can then be used transparently with the majority of other projects.

Other elements that still need addressing are the use of 'backtick' around field and table names. On the bitweaver framework we have always defaulted to including the backticks, which can then be processed as required for each database engine, currently simply stripping them for Firebird and addressing reserved words by eliminating them from the schemas. ADOdb automatically handles the case of the array indexes amonst other elements not currently handled by the Zend Framework.

These changes will be available from the local code repo at some point. Just trying to synchronise things between machines here before I commit them to the master.