Starting to log time spent keeping the infrastructure working

by Lester Caine
Sunday 23 of August, 2015
Posted to Openstreetmap Development

More and more time these days seems to be spent keeping the infrastructure working, and keeping a tidy mapping service for the websites is no exception. I can understand the drive to make material more acceptable to an international audience, but sometimes changes seem to be more one of personal preference rather than addressing the needs of a wider audience. We have a currently stable style on OSM, and editors which mirror it reasonably well, and there should be no reason that can not be maintained, while new alternatives are developed, but other pressures seem to be dictating the current roadmap on OSM.

OSM Development Problems was a rant on the OSM Talk list in relation to this and I'm hoping to find time to document better all of the problems over and above the crib sheets that form a part of OSM Development