Family Tree

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 04 May 2019 (14:32 BST)

The Caine/Humphries family tree has been developing over a number of years. Some time has been wasted on keeping the open source tools such as phpgedview available to my own methods of working, but the source material is slowly growing into a nice library of historic information. The current PGV version of the tree is on-line on the 1and1 server.

With the closing of a number of sources of genealogical documentation, I've created an archive of links that are still working

Other source material

S.S. Potosi Source Material Ship that took Sheila's Great Grandfather over to Australia ... Her Grandfarther was born over there
Medic Source Material Believed to be the ship that Sheila's Grandfather returned from Australia on.
TSS Manxman Source Material One of the ships the Caine family used to commute on between Wallasey and the Isle of Man
IOM History Origins of the Isle of Man ... the Caine family base.
Manx Shipping Archive Additional links to manx shipping material.