Out of Copyright UK Maps

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Out of Copyright Maps of the United Kingdom

Ordnance Survey

1 inch to the mile series

First edition 1809 to 1880s
Second edition (New Series) 1886 to 1910
Third edition 1910 to 1918
Fourth edition (Popular Edition) 1918 to 1933
Fifth edition 1933 to 1939
War Office Versions
Sixth edition (New Popular) 1946 to 1957
Seventh series 1953 to 1972 - See Ordnance Survey small scale maps for a full listing of the seventh series only some of which are out of copyright as yet

The maps were then replaced with a metric equivalent at 1:25000 Ordnance Survey small scale maps has more details of the later maps
The same site also provides a copy of the Ordnance Survey Road Map of Great Britain 1932Which is duplicated here Ordnance Survey 1932 Road Map

Ordnance Survey 1in 1906 Edition
Ordnance Survey 1in 1922 Edition
Ordnance Survey 1in 1947 Edition
Second Edition
Fourth Edition
Sixth Edition (New Popular)

Bartholomew UK Maps

1/2 inch to the mile series

English Series
Scottish Series
Revised Series