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Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 06 Dec 2013 (22:33 GMT)

Following the demise of my Nokia N900 phone which runs 'real linux' I was stuck for a replacement. I'd actually picked up a spare N900 cheap and between the pair of parts I have the phone working again, but Vodafone owed me an upgrade from some time back, so I also picked up a Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2 which is a lot more 'linux compatible' than earlier versions. First thing was to unlock the 'root' account so I could get rid of the dross and add back in the applications that I'm used to from the N900 and my linux desktop. I also have a DGM T1006 tablet running 4.1, but have not been able to 'root' that as yet. I'ts not such a problem as the phone since there is a lot less uninstallable code.

The next problem was to sort out the navigation options. Originally I was running an old tomtom which also provided the hands free for the mobile phone, but it does not recognize the S4 and the battery never held much of a charge even from day one, so replacing it seems the best idea. The problem with much of the available Openstreetmap options are that they are computer rather than tablet based, so using them is not practical. Locus Pro at least provides the option to use the OSM maps and gives a few options on routing. Having found the limitations on the first two routing options, I switched to looking to provide my own routing server, with the intention to produce an off-line option eventually since getting G2.5 can be a problem in much of the routes around here. I don't get many areas mapped running down the M5, and can't navigate to the local Chinese since there is no wireless broadband.

Problem with mapquest and cloudsmade routing is documented on the Locus forum so now I'm looking at how to fix it.

YOURS Routing

OSRM routing - Previous notes for SUSE12.3 OSRM routing

OSM Data Mirror on SUSE13.1 With notes on automatic sync via cron jobs.

Living with OSMAnd - Android based software so a little out of the comfort zone.

Other identified software

Routino - Routing engine seems reasonable, but web interface needs some work to make usable via a tablet. Does not have route dragging.

Other software on the Android devices