LSCES Development Platform

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Work in progress pulling all of the odd development notes pages into a coherent whole ...

LSCES Gateway Links to the various sub-sections of the site

Project Index Provides version information on the various software elements of the systems.
A mercurial DVCS has been implemented and and all of the legacy project information is being ported over to our local archive. Various of the options of DVCS have been trialed and some of the notes on the reasoning for selecting Hg are listed on the DVCS adoption notes page. DVCS configuration information is being developed on the DVCS Framework page

Project General Documentation

Mapping Developments Work on mapping tool and content developments

Bitweaver content management framework.

Handling Direct Debits
SUSE Linux Installation
Base Development Platform
GIMP Image handling
Web Development Environment Target
Mobile Device Development
CMS10 Development Portal
Server Software
Port of phpgedview back to ADOdb
Zend Framework Firebird Driver
Cookie directive management
Free web fonts
Virtual Computers

Various additional articles have been stored in the firebird wiki, and an archive of that is provided at  Firebird Wiki Archive